Creating a Timetable

We talk about creating a plan for everything. We’re aware that planning comes with scheduling, scheduling comes with organisation and organisation comes with time…

Can I ask a question?… If we know that planning and scheduling is important, how do we do it?

From personal experience; having two jobs, full time university and other commitments, I had to teach myself how to plan ahead.

So first things first, let’s get something straight, planning a timetable isn’t just something we do in a diary, it should be available in every corner that we turn. So, before creating a timetable plan, it’s important to know how your timetable should be creating and presented.

Below are some ways to display a timetable:

-In a diary (the obvious/ popular one)

-On a calendar in your room

-On the fridge

-In your locker

-On your phone

-On other devices (tablet, computer, etc…)

-In folders and uni books

Having numerous copies of your timetable will ensure that you have access at all times to your schedule. It will decrease the likely mismatches and clashes that often happen as a result of not having your diary on you

I’m sure you’ve heard this, “Oh I’m so sorry I can’t make this tutoring class, I didn’t realise I had another class scheduled then,” or “I completely forgot about doing that task!”

You see, having a schedule and plan is great, however, if it’s only available in a diary, than you are limited to efficiency, and are doomed to some day make a mistake, clash or forget an appointment.

I’ll never forget the time that I had one class to attend to at Uni. I was debating whether I should go or not, considering it takes me about 1.5 hours to solely get to uni. Being the good girl that I am, I decided to travel all that way for one class, which I might add, wasn’t a compulsory class. I finally arrived, found the room and waited. Where was everyone? Why wasn’t anyone in class? Was I super early? I began to access my one and only real copy of a proper timetable, and realised that I had missed my class by an hour. I was furious! I travelled all the way back home realising that something had to change, I needed to have more than one copy of a timetable to ensure this mistake didn’t happen again.

So now we know that creating more than one copy of a timetable is appropriate, how do we make a time table?

Well, it first begins with a list of all the commitments you have; tutoring, studies, soccer, etc…

Listing the days they happen and times is effective to ensuring you have no clashes or interruptions that week, also ensuring that vital priorities and attended to first.

Set up a table with each day of the week, and begin to fill in the spaces with each event you have and the time that accompanies it, leaving extra time for personal and social activities.

So it’s simple, that’s all there is to it!

Don’t make the same mistake I made, begin creating a timetable, not forgetting to create many forms of it, and watch yourself become a more organised, efficient and productive person!

Below is a template to creating a timetable:

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