Examination Performance: The Start Of The Exam

Now that you have made it to the exam on time, and now that the exam paper has been laid out in front of you, the question is this: Where and how do I start?

Have no fear! There is a set procedure that all students must do in order to start the exam off the right foot, and it is a lot simpler than you might think! Most of the steps involve mental preparation and planning, and that shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Firstly, don’t underestimate the importance of the start of the exam. What you do at the start will set the tone for the entire examination. Make sure you start the exam off the right foot.

The initial preparation for the exam you must do is all mental. Calm your nerves, be in the moment, loosen your body and eliminate all traces of lethargy from your system. Now is the time to be fully energized and focused.

First thing to do? Well, right before you begin the exam, breathe. Get your heart rate under control, and have a sip of water.

If you are given reading time which you most likely will, use that time to read every part of your exam. During this time, take mental notes of the information you need for certain questions. Also note how much time you will need for each question, how you will approach each question, and the order of which you will attempt the questions.

When answering questions, my recommendation is attempting a question that is easy but also worth a large amount of marks. Attempt the easiest questions first, as well as the questions that are worth the most marks. Save the most difficult questions for later. Attempting the more difficult questions early in the exam will lower your confidence if you find that you cannot answer them, and your performance will dip temporarily afterwards. Its important to open your exam strong with easy questions you can do.

Once you begin the exam, quickly read over the question you will attempt first again, and underline any key points and information you need to answer the question. Then, begin answering the question.

If you followed the prior advice, that question would be easy and worth a lot of marks. This type of question at the beginning of any exam with supply you with the momentum you need to carry over to the next question and the rest of the exam.

The start of the exam will have a big impact on the rest of your exam performance. A lot of students miss out on the marks they know they deserve because the mess up the initial phase of the exam. Get the beginning down pat, and the rest of the exam should be smooth sailing.

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