How To Be Social Media Savvy To Make You More Employable

In my time as a HR Manager here at TOTC, I’ve poured over the resumes of several thousand job applications. I’ve employed several hundred tutors from a range of disciplines including law, medicine, engineering, business, finance, education – you name it!


There’s something that never fails to surprise me, especially about young university students and new graduates. Something that they never seem to think of when it comes to the job application process. And that is this:


Prospective employers will lurk you on social media!


I’ve viewed way too many CV’s of way to many people who project one image in their application and another in real life. So it’s not uncommon for HR Managers and any prospective employer, to jump on Facebook and search for an applicants name.


So what’s the best approach then, to put everything on private?


Well no actually – that just raises suspicions. If you’re young especially, we know you’re on social media. So if a prospective employer can’t find you, it makes you look like you’re hiding something.


So what’s the best strategy when it comes to making yourself look more valuable to a lurking prospective employer?


For starters – yes, hide anything that make you look silly. Drunken photos at the club, funny cat videos or anything which attracts inappropriate comments – make sure you don’t share this stuff on public. (It’s probably best not to share stupid stuff at all, but if you have to – at least be wise enough to keep it from the public eye.) But don’t hide everything on private. You want to post at least some content on public so that lurkers can get the right impression about your character.


So strategically, what’s the best type of content you can share? Intelligent content which makes you look bright and mature?


Well yes this definitely helps. But there’s one attribute that prospective employers value even more than maturity. And that attribute is loyalty.


If your resume says that you’ve worked for a particular organisation during a particular time, but your social media presence doesn’t reveal any link between you and them, how do you think this makes you look? Well the answer is, that it makes you look like pretty much most young people – which is fairly self-absorbed and oblivious to the expectations of loyalty that a large company has.


So whether your current employer is Top of the Class or someone else – go and like their stuff on at least Facebook and Linkedin – possibly even Twitter and even Instagram. Most importantly – share their content from time to time, and do so on public. If you do this, then you don’t look like the average young uni student who (without realising it) places themselves at the centre of the universe. Instead, you look like a rose among thorns.


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About Melody Blackburn

Melody started as a tutor at Top of the Class before being hand picked to work in the office. She quickly worked her way up to be in charge of hiring and training new tutors, and is now the Human Resources Manager in charge of over 200 tutors across Sydney & Melbourne.

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