Diary keeping hacks to maximise efficient organisation

As tutors, we talk so much about having to keep a diary and the importance of diary keeping to ensure you remain organised. No one, although, really teaches how to prioritise time and set out activities within a diary.

I’ve found that diaries are advantageous in ensuring I remain organised, efficient, and ultimately time managed. It ensures that I don’t forget any important activities or plans that I have. So, I think by now you get the idea, diary keeping is CRITICAL to have as a tutor, and I recommend it for everyone!

In this blog, I’d like to show you as tutors how to set out and prioritise time within a diary, using its acronym. I assure you that by doing this, you will become more efficient, effective, time managed and organised tutors!

Let’s begin!

D– Daily schedule your commitments, activities and any other appointments you have, writing it in the date and giving it a specific time. This will ensure you won’t forget any important plans and will ensure you can work around this time with other activities you may have during that day.

I– Identify times that you will have breaks, and free time, scheduling these times within a diary. Scheduling free time or social time within a diary may sound like a waste of time, however, it is actually vital, as it ensures that you will remain faithful to having your breaks within that time frame. Therefore, it will minimise distractions or procrastination during your working times, as you have set specific time aside to do free things that you love to do.

A– Arrange a heap of stationary such as highlighters, sticky notes and chapter markers. Keeping stationary, such as these, may be useful to highlight important information, keep you up to date and on the right page. There have been numerous times that I have messed up plans because I accidentally had calculated the wrong date. Thus, this is where sticky notes, chapter markers or highlighters may be essential in ensuring you are up to date and do not mess up or get confused with the weeks.

R– Rewriting your schedule onto another source may be appropriate in ensuring you have a plan always on you. For example, you may wish to have a copy of your dairy on your phone, or perhaps on the fridge calendar. Anytime you are out, for example, and you forget your diary, you won’t be held back because you have another rewritten accessible diary. Rewriting or having an extra copy of some sought is a great idea to ensure your plans are always accessible.

Y– Yellow boxes may be essential to creating alongside your schedule as a way to tick off the activities you have completed within the day. This will keep you organised and up to date (it’s also a satisfying feeling to tick off a box).

So, now you know what an effective diary set up looks like! If you have a diary, I encourage you to follow these steps to ensuring you prioritise your time well. Get diary scheduling today!

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