It’s Not Just About Materials

As tutors, it’s crucial that we plan and organise resources for our classes. Materials, activities, worksheets and quizzes are great to organise and bring along to class, however, often tutors think that this is the only vital aspect of tutoring that needs to be organised.

In classes, there’s a lot more than just preparing materials. If you are one of those tutors that desires to see your student’s overcome their struggles, achieve their goals and improve in their work, then you need to do much more than just preparing materials.

So, what else is there to do?

Well, we are required to carry certain skills in order to teach, and in order for our students to learn.

In this blog, I’d like to share simple skills that are crucial to being a successful tutor.

  • Do not provide only basic summaries or information – Do not rush through concepts or skim over content. Teach in a way that is detailed, explanatory, yet simple and easy to grasp. Often students find it difficult to improve because tutors do not provide them with a detailed set of resources and information. This is where materials, such as activities lack the detail that’s required in tutoring. Students, therefore, require detailed, yet easily understood, information rather than just activities to help them learn.
  • Speak clearly and concisely– Because we as tutors are considered the “experts,” it’s easy to rush through and speed up our lessons. We have to keep in mind that although we know what we’re talking and teaching about, the students are still in the process of grasping the concepts. This is why talking in a concise, slow manner, with simple language, will ensure they will be able to comprehend everything and not miss important information.
  • Apply learnt knowledge– It’s not enough to test a student’s progress with activities. That is why, applying learnt knowledge through practical games is essential. Therefore, while materials are great, there are times when we need to lay them aside and apply content through practical games, or aloud activities. For example, this may involve recitation, spelling tests, etc…
  • Patience– Materials are not as important as a tutor that is patient and willing to listen. Always organise lessons around your student’s requests and needs. This, therefore, requires you as a tutor to allow them to have a voice and opinion. Always ask questions and get them to communicate any fears they may have. This may involve missing or skipping some activities in order to answer a student’s question and explain the concept. I know for me, in doing this before, my whole lesson has been changed and rearranged. Sometimes I don’t even get through what I had planned to do, however, I am at ease knowing that I have answered a question that was once confusing for the student.
  • Goal setting– It is critical that you as tutors set your students up to succeed through goal setting. Make it a routine to get your students always setting goals with methods and steps on how to achieve these goals.

As you can see, for a student to succeed, tutors require a lot more than just preparing materials. Apply these simple skills as tutors and watch your students progress, going from level to level!

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About Chiara Petrelli

Chiara is one of our Tutoring Melbourne team members. Chiara has always been a role model student and enthusiastic high achiever, earning numerous academic awards for a wide range of subjects during her school career including Italian, English, Religion and Society and Legal Studies. She achieved an impressive ATAR in the 90’s with especially strong results in English, and she is currently undertaking her Bachelor of Arts / Education degree at the University of Melbourne where she is studying to become a fully qualified School Teacher.

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