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As Top of The class tutors, we are required to not only teach and assist our students with their work, but to also teach them ways to improve and grow within their studies.

Most tutors just do the teaching without showing them strategies and tips to grasping the concepts, understanding the content and ultimately improving within their work. What they don’t realise is, the ultimate goal for a student who has a tutor is to seek help in order to assist them, help them improve, help them grow, help them develop and help them become the best they can be.

Shouldn’t we then as tutors be more inclined  to giving our students tips on how they can achieve their best and work to their full potential? Absolutely!

So what are some tips that we can give our students to help them achieve their best?

I’ve come up with a list that I believe will ultimately lead to further improvement and success in learning:

  • Tell students to plan a schedule
  • Avoid doing homework in a loud, noisy or distracting area
  • Do not allow television or other devices to override studying. Place all distractions away and allow them to become a treat after doing studies and homework.
  • Constantly revise and re visit content.
  • Practice questions are essential in order to apply learnt knowledge or theory. Encourage them to do practice questions on a regular basis (you may even want to provide them with some activities).
  • Eat a healthy, balance, diet filled with nutrition
  • Cut out sugary foods and energy drinks that have been proven to disrupt and restrict learning.
  • Study with friends to gain greater ideas, understanding and problem solving skills
  • Be prompt, organised and efficient with all homework, assignments and projects

As you can see, there are numerous ways to encourage your students to achieve their best. Following these tips will ensure that they become more organised, focused, healthy students in which will lead to greater success and improvement. I guarantee that changes and progress will be made when changing habits and following some (or all) of the tips above.

So what are you waiting for? Get encouraging your students in doing these simple progress tips today!

if you’re curious to learn more or have some great tips to share, then check out our Tutors in Sydney website or give us a call on 1300 654 746.

About Chiara Petrelli

Chiara is one of our Tutoring Melbourne team members. Chiara has always been a role model student and enthusiastic high achiever, earning numerous academic awards for a wide range of subjects during her school career including Italian, English, Religion and Society and Legal Studies. She achieved an impressive ATAR in the 90’s with especially strong results in English, and she is currently undertaking her Bachelor of Arts / Education degree at the University of Melbourne where she is studying to become a fully qualified School Teacher.

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