Rewarding Students

As tutors, it’s our job to ensure that our students achieve their best and put in as much effort as possible.

Whilst bribing students into becoming more motivated and energised towards their work should not be an option within tutoring, rewarding students for their efforts could be a possibility to increasing their efforts.

There is no doubt that an increase in effort, motivation and energy towards work ethic will lead to progress, improvement and growth.

Therefore, as tutors, it is our job to motivate and increase this type of attitude, as well as teaching them content.

In simple terms, the point is that we hold the key to them becoming more energised, focused, motivated and positive towards their work. We can encourage them, we can inspire them, we can celebrate and praise their efforts. We thus, have the power to change their way of thinking and doing.

In these instances, therefore, it may be appropriate to reward students for their effort. Rewarding students can come in all shapes and sizes, and will hopefully enable the students to continue to place effort into their work ethic.

So here comes the question that’s you’ve been anticipating, “how can we as tutors reward our students?”

Below is a comprehensive list of ways in which you as a tutor can reward students for their efforts:

  • Purchase stickers and give them a sticker each time they accomplish something new.
  • Stamp their work and activity pages that have been done well, in a more detailed, correct and neater manner.
  • Celebrate their victories through praising their efforts. Saying things such as, “well done!” Or, “wow this is great work, keep it up,” are great ways to encourage your students.
  • Reward students with fun games, activities and resources after having been focussed and gone through the content and theory well.
  • Every once in a while it may be appropriate to buy your student a little appreciation gift, such as a little chocolate or toy. If you choose to do this, be sure to always ask parents if they have any allergies or intolerances.
  • Communicate their progress, efforts and growth with the student’s teacher and parents. This will enable more people to celebrate the child and will therefore help them to feel appreciated and successful.

So, as you have observed, there are numerous ways in which a tutor can reward students. If you have students that lack motivation and energy, focus or concentration, begin finding these simple ways to encourage and inspire your students to increase their efforts. Test them out today and see whether it helps your students to place greater effort into their work.

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About Chiara Petrelli

Chiara is one of our Tutoring Melbourne team members. Chiara has always been a role model student and enthusiastic high achiever, earning numerous academic awards for a wide range of subjects during her school career including Italian, English, Religion and Society and Legal Studies. She achieved an impressive ATAR in the 90’s with especially strong results in English, and she is currently undertaking her Bachelor of Arts / Education degree at the University of Melbourne where she is studying to become a fully qualified School Teacher.

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