Setting Personal Goals

We are all aware that one of the core beliefs in Top Of The Class Tuition is about setting goals with your student. Having objectives not only gives one direction and goals on where they want to head in life, but it provides measures and an understanding of what’s needed to ensure that objective is achieved. 

Yes, setting goals with both the students and parents is vital, but what about setting personal goals as a tutor?
I believe that setting personal objectives is just as important as setting goals with students, yet it is often missed.

Why does a tutor need to set a goal? Good Question.
Setting personal goals, whether written down or internal is critical to remaining an organised and effective tutor.

The sort of goals that tutors should be setting themselves includes:

  • By what day will I have every lesson for the week planned?
  • By what day of the week will I have all my resources and materials for each lesson?
  • where do I want each individual student to grow? In what specific areas do I want them to improve, and how can I as a tutor ensure that they will achieve this?
  • How can I ensure that I continue to have an organised schedule with a balanced work and social life?

All these simple questions are essential to finding out how organised and efficient you are as a tutor.
Now, if you found that you didn’t have any answers or strategies to some or all of these questions, don’t be discouraged, it solely means that you as a tutor need to set personal goals.

Like I mentioned, planning goals doesn’t have to be all that formal and time consuming. Answering these questions and having a strategy to combat these issues internally is completely fine, as long as they’re effective and memorable. 

Personally, I have found that by setting internal goals and planning ahead has helped me become:

  • more organised and prepared for lessons
  • more self confident as a tutor
  • less stressed or anxious
  • more free in the long run to do other things
  • planned, ready and equipped with everything I need to help my students grow

So, whether it be physically writing goals or internal thoughts, allow yourself to have personal goals as a tutor. You want to become more organised, you want to become more efficient, you need to set goals! Remember, that setting personal objectives as a tutor is just as important as setting objectives with your students/parents. Try it out today and see whether it helps you succeed!

About Chiara Petrelli

Chiara is one of our Tutoring Melbourne team members. Chiara has always been a role model student and enthusiastic high achiever, earning numerous academic awards for a wide range of subjects during her school career including Italian, English, Religion and Society and Legal Studies. She achieved an impressive ATAR in the 90’s with especially strong results in English, and she is currently undertaking her Bachelor of Arts / Education degree at the University of Melbourne where she is studying to become a fully qualified School Teacher.

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