Staying Focused

Wait a second, isn’t concentration the role of the students? We put so much emphasis on the students having to be focused in order to concentrate and improve their work, but what about us?

We as tutors are sometimes distracted and disengaged in teaching.

How is this possible?

Imagine you’ve been waiting four years for your favourite movie with your favourite stars to come out in cinemas. Finally, the time has arrived and you plan to go watch it out in IMAX with your friends on the night of the opening.  The day finally arrives, there’s just one thing, before you can go and enjoy yourself, you have two tutoring classes.

So let’s be honest, will your mind really be on teaching algebra and doing Maths equations?

I know for me, if this were the case, I wouldn’t be able to teach without those thoughts of excitement at the back of my mind.

We all need a break, we all need time to do things we enjoy, however, we need to set our priorities straight!

The key is, if you prioritise your time well, you will remain the most focused and productive person.

Let me show you how with some simple do and don’t tips:

1) Set time aside to plan all tutoring classes in a quiet place, free from all distractions.

2) When planning to go out, attempt to make it on a night that you’re free. Often, we as tutors plan too much in our schedule in one day, which is the root cause for lack of concentration, as we have too many things on our mind. Planning all commitments in a diary may be useful for effective time management.

3) Try and make all tutoring classes during the start of the week,  this may clear time for yourself. Doing this will also enable you to be solely focused on what you have to do at the beginning of the week.

4) Make a list of all the things you plan to do in one week. Prioritise the most important commitments and the least important commitments in your diary, setting all vital priorities as first place.

5) Don’t schedule too many activities in one day. This will create lack of engagement in the tasks you are currently doing and too much will be on your mind.

Following these simple ‘do and don’t’ keys will assist in making you a more focused, engaged and concentrated tutor. So, I dare you, attempt these out and see whether your concentration improves! Setting priorities straight will not only improve focus, but it’ll ultimately make you the most productive, engaged and organised tutor out there!


About Stuart Adams

Stuart Adams is the founder and Managing Director of TOTC. He is a former School Teacher and Careers Advisor as well as a qualified Dietitian and Psychotherapist. His Psychotherapist Sydney website has loads of free learning resources covering all areas of mental health.

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