Tutor Parent Relationships

As a tutor, you play an important role in the lives of your student/s. Even though you probably visit them once a week, for about an hour or two, you are significant.

You probably understand how crucial your role is for your student/s. But have you ever thought about how your job impacts the whole family?

The parents of your students have chosen Top of the Class tuition, over many other tuition companies. You have been picked over other tutors due to your skills, location and compatibility. The parents, if satisfied, will continue to pay for your services.

Therefore, you MUST try to form a relationship with them or else it is disrespectful.

This relationship, is focussed around the student.

Before each lesson, make sure to politely greet the parent or family members that you see. You may even like to ask how they have been and how the student has been going with school work.

When the lesson is complete, you shouldupdate the parents honestly, about how the lesson went. And let them know about any homework that you have given to the student.

Spending five minutes to talk to the parents shows that you are actively interested in your job and that you want to make a difference in the lives of their child.

Rushing off and cutting a parent off when they have questionsis rude. And it is likely they will choose to hire another tutor over you!

Don’t forget to give parents your contact details and make them feel relaxed about contacting you with any questions they may have during the week. Make the effort to respond in a timely manner.

At the end of each term, make sure to write a progress report. This allows the parents to see that their tuition expenses are making a difference.

The absolute best thing you can do to encourage the parent to be more receptive to your ideas and improve the collaborative relationship you have, is to encourage them to do the online parent video coaching course. We recommend all new clients do this short online training, but remember – you’re the one they develop the personal rapport with. So if you recommend it, they’re much more likely to give it a go.

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During her schooling years, Kristyna was appointed to the School Representative Council as well as numerous leadership positions such as Aerobics Captain, Diving Captain and School Captain during her senior years. After graduating with an impressive ATAR in the high 90’s, Kristyna was awarded a scholarship to study at Monash University where she is currently completing her combined undergraduate degree in Journalism and Medical Science with a major in Human Physiology.

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