When it Comes to That Time of the Term

All of a sudden the shops come alive, the kids are excited and the streets are busy again, it’s school holidays! Before we begin our own adventures though, we have to remember one thing…With holidays comes reporting.

Reporting is not only advantageous because it allows the parents to be informed on their son or daughters progress, but it also enables the opportunity for you, as a tutor, to express their strengths, weaknesses and provide written goals and future objectives to work on with the student.

You see, it’s not just about restating what you did with the student, it’s about providing an evaluation. 

Well, what is an evaluation? it is simply a method outlining ones strengths, weaknesses and providing a personal opinion as to what needs to be addressed in coming terms. When parents not only see a restatement, but an evaluation, it provides them the opportunity to clearly see your objectives for the child and will illuminate your goals and methods on how you will achieve them in the upcoming term. Remember, when evaluating a child’s weaknesses, this should always be done through constructive criticism, followed by your own personal method and plan on how to combat this issue/s in the upcoming term.

Therefore, when writing up an end of term report, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

Follow the template which is formatted on the Top Of The Class website and email. – This will give you a structure to work from and will provide examples of exactly what you should emphasise and express in your report.

– Have a clean introduction, paragraph/s and conclusion – Although, your report does not have to be an essay length, it’s important to follow this format in order to maintain structure and clarity to your writing.

– Write an evaluation including advantages, disadvantages, and personal refection of your plan to combat ongoing struggles and issues. -This will show that you are addressing all gaps in the student’s learning and will enable the parents to feel at peace that you have a plan on how to overcome these challenges.

Describe what you did in detail with certain lessons, explaining your observations, and how you worked with the student to overcome any difficulties.

– When seeing your student and parents on the last lesson before the holidays, be sure to express vocal feedback, reinforcing any points/plans that you have for the child, as mentioned in your report.

– Be sure to submit all reports on the shared notes of teachworks, emailing a copy to the parents. This will ensure that they will receive a copy through their emails. It may be beneficial to also print out a copy and give it to your student to present to their teachers, ensuring that they will have an understanding on what you have covered with the student throughout the term.

So get in early, be prepared and organised, put your all into reporting! Follow these tips to help and assist you in creating an in depth analysis of the student’s progress throughout the term. Not only will you, yourself, feel rewarded, but it will enable the parents to feel at ease, confident and hopeful that their child is in good hands. So what are you waiting for? Report!

About Chiara Petrelli

Chiara is one of our Tutoring Melbourne team members. Chiara has always been a role model student and enthusiastic high achiever, earning numerous academic awards for a wide range of subjects during her school career including Italian, English, Religion and Society and Legal Studies. She achieved an impressive ATAR in the 90’s with especially strong results in English, and she is currently undertaking her Bachelor of Arts / Education degree at the University of Melbourne where she is studying to become a fully qualified School Teacher.

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