Secrets of successful learning revealed; how to ensure that children in Cobbity achieve their full potential for excellence.

What we look for in an English Tutor: Stuart Adams

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By assessing your child’s learning styles, strengths and personal interests; your English Tutor will develop an individualised program to begin building confidence and conquering weaknesses.



Our number one goal is to provide you with the support, resources and know-how you've always wanted, so that now you will be empowered to have positive influence over your child's academic future!



If you suspected that one-on-one coaching is the most effective form of personal English Tuition; you were right! To minimize distractions and maximise convenience, your private English Tutor can come to your home in Cobbity for one-on-one "learning time" whenever it suits your busy schedule.



A young learner's mind will function more effectively when it is engaged in learning. Engaged learning is our area of specialty, and is the key to improving attitudes towards school work. What stimulates your child's interest the most?

English Tuition Cobbity, Sydney NSW

If you, like us, know that only the best is good enough for your child, then enjoy the short video we’ve prepared for you below - and get ready to share in our excitement!


English is the Most Important Subject

English is arguably the most important subject, as it forms the basis of our ability to use language to communicate, express and understand ideas and concepts. Even if a person has a good conceptual understanding of something, their ability to explain, describe, understand and communicate anything about it all comes down to their ability to use and interpret the correct combination of words. At all stages and levels of schooling, your child must demonstrate a good understanding of their language skills through reading, writing, speaking and listening. Many studies across the world have even found that one of the strongest markers for a young person’s success in life comes down to their literacy and language skills.

English Results and University Admission

The literacy skills taught in English are considered so important that the NSW Board of Studies made English the only compulsory subject in the Higher School Certificate (HSC). Regardless of what your child is planning on studying at university, their English marks contribute enormously to their final ATAR mark.

Developing English Skills Early

English language and literacy skills take many years to nurture however, which is why English Tuition in Cobbity should commence from as early as possible. Being able to use words to communicate effectively and understand communication successfully empowers a child to feel confidence about their ability to understand more in any context and all areas of their life. At the younger ages (primary school level) the areas your Cobbity English Tutor will specialise in include spelling, report writing, hand writing, creative writing, reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, phonics, analysing literature, essay writing and exam skills to name a few.

English Tutoring Cobbity: What to Expect

Our Professional English Tutors Cobbity wide will provide an assessment of your child’s literacy skills and English competencies to identify their areas of strengths and weaknesses.

They will ask to see report cards, work books, past assignments and any feedback from your son or daughters English Teacher at school.

They will work with you and your child to provide a program centred on your child’s individual needs based closely around the work your son or daughter is doing in their English class at school. For this reason, your tutor will also contact your child’s English Teacher to advise us with feedback about your child’s needs, progress and their specific class curriculum.

Your English Tutor Cobbity will also work with your child to plan for upcoming assignments and exams, as well as helping to develop their assignment and exam taking skills. This ensures that your child remains well prepared and up to date with everything that is going on in their English class.

Our Cobbity English Tutors will also keep you advised of your child’s progress as well as what goals they are working on and what assignments are coming up.

Top of the Class Professional English Tutors Cobbity

We hire our Cobbity English Tutors based on their ability to demonstrate outstanding communication, constructivist teaching techniques as well as their own academic performance, teaching experience, their reliability and of course their professionalism. All our English Tutors in Cobbity are trained to be familiar with the NSW Board of Studies Syllabus outcomes for English. All of our English Tutors in Cobbity are trained to strengthen your child's English skills. They will do this by focusing both on the cognitive (thinking) as well as emotional (feeling) aspects of learning. We strongly suggest you read about our approach to English Tuition in Cobbity.

English Tutoring Cobbity Subjects:

Primary School English Syllabus: Kindergarten all the way through to Year 6
Secondary School / High School English Tutoring Cobbity:
  • Years 7, 8, 9 & 10 General English Tutoring Cobbity
  • Years 9 & 10 Standard English Tutoring Cobbity
  • Years 9 & 10 Advanced English Tutoring Cobbity
  • HSC Standard English Tutoring Cobbity
  • HSC Advances English Tutoring Cobbity
  • HSC Extension 1 English Tutoring Cobbity
  • HSC Extension 2 English Tutoring Cobbity
  • HSC English Extension (Literature)
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) - Both Primary and Secondary School Tutoring Cobbity


    The Advantages of One-To-One English Tuition Cobbity:

    home tutoringYour Cobbity English Tutor will adapt their teaching methods as well as the resources they use. How they adapt these depends on your son or daughters learning strengths.

    home tutoringYour Cobbity English Tutor will gradually progress their tutoring in accordance to your child's learning progress. They will cover each area of learning that your child requires assistance with in order to develop new strengths.

    home tutoringYour Cobbity English Tutor will adjust their communication style and the learning resources they use, depending on your child's particular interests. This makes learning more interesting, engaging and fun! Our English Tutors are experts in being able to engage students in learning.

    home tutoringYour Cobbity English Tutor will identify hurdles in your child's attitude, barriers to your child's confidence and deficits in your child's motivation. They will them devise and implement strategies to overcome these difficulties whist developing a new passion for learning!

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    The Looking for Tutoring Jobs Cobbity?

    If you live in or around the Cobbity area of Sydney and wish to apply for Tutor Employment with us, please see our Tutoring Jobs Cobbity page.

    The Best English Tutoring in Cobbity

    English Tutoring Sydney
    Cognition: What we think affects how we lean


    Your English Tutor will identify your child's strongest 'intelligences', establish their individual learning styles and adapt teaching methods accordingly for best results!

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    Your Home Tutor will apply constructivist teaching methods to build new knowledge step by step so that your child makes sense of new information with ease.

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    Your Private Tutor will explore new concepts progressively deeper with your child and expand understanding by developing higher order thinking skills.

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    Your Personal Tutor will focus heavily on boosting assessment scores by improving your child's exam taking and assignment competencies, as well as IT and literacy skills.

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    Maths Tutoring Sydney
    Emotion: How we feel affects what we learn.


    Weaknesses are merely those things which have yet to be strengthened. Your Personal Tutor will strategically discover and develop your child's strengths to overcome weakness.

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    To overcome the boredom barrier, your Home Tutor will strategically appeal to your child's interests to make learning more engaging and personally relevant.

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    Through strategic goal setting and a strong focus on progress, expect to see your child's attitude shine and their motivation drive full steam ahead!

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    Reflective practice is an effective tool used to power efficient learning. Learning from ones mistakes however requires strategic conditioning and adaptation.

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