One-to-one: The most efficient ratio

The unfortunate reality of the school system is that one teacher can only do so much in a classroom comprising of students with different needs, different challenges, different learning styles, different abilities and different strengths. The larger the number of children in the class, the larger the variation of these (and other) factors. This means that that the efficiency with which the teacher can accommodate all these factors into their teaching becomes increasingly difficult.

In a one-on-one environment however, a teacher becomes a personal coach as well as a facilitator of learning. This way, your child’s personal tutor can tailor their lessons around your child’s individual circumstances, and continuously adapt their coaching around your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

The benefits of one-to-one

Your tutor will adjust their teaching style and use of resources depending on your childs learning strengths

Your tutor will progress their teaching as your child progresses in their learning and will strategically cover each area your child needs assistance with to develop new strengths thoroughly and efficiently.

Your tutor will adapt their communication style and teaching resources according to your child's personal interests to make learning more engaging, interesting and fun.

Your tutor will identify hurdles in your child's attitude, confidence and motivation whilst implementing strategies to overcome these and create a new passion for learning.

We come to you.

Having your tutor come to your own home (or other location that suits you) not only makes life much more convenient for busy mums and dads, it creates a much more comfortable learning environment.

Having other students in the class creates a distraction. Moreover, when a student may be embarrassed about struggling to understand something, they may be more reluctant to ask for as much assistance as they really need if their peers are observing. In addition to preventing them from receiving adequate assistance, the pressure of a competitive classroom environment (such as tuition centres) can increase stress hormones in the brain which affect memory, concentration and learning capacity. In a one-on-one environment in the home however where the child knows that they do not have to fear that any weaknesses will be on display to their peers, it eliminates the barrier of fear and creates a nurturing learning environment free of pressure and distractions.

Studies also show that stress hormones which impair cognitive function are lower in familiar environments where the student feels more comfortable. There is no environment more familiar than the home. (If the home environment can be stressful however, an alternative location can be negotiated with your tutor.)

Moreover, with your tutor in your own home, you are always within earshot and are better placed to know what is going on. This way you can also discuss your child’s tuition with your tutor after every lesson.

The benefits of your tutor coming to your home

Most convenient. Save time and travel expense.

No distractions caused by other students in a class

No stress of a competitive peer pressure environment.

Familiar, comfortable environment enhances learning capacity.


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