When the ‘teaching styles' do not match a student’s ‘learning styles’ it can be like trying to communicate in a foreign language. When the teaching style is translated according to our strongest ‘intelligences’ however, we can make much easier sense out of information we previously struggled to comprehend. This means that your son or daughter may have far more potential than they are demonstrating if their learning styles are not accommodated for in the classroom.

According to Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory, we all learn using a combination of ‘intelligences’. Some people are better with logical reasoning and identifying sequential or numerical patterns. Some people learn better by reading, some through listening. Many people learn well visually (through pictures or diagrams) whereas others can make better sense by doing something practical or ‘hands-on’ (kinaesthetic). The order of strength we apply those 'multiple intelligences' determines our learning styles. We develop our weaker intelligences better with experience; however our children’s understanding is much more dependent on their individual learning styles being catered to. This is done far more effectively in a one-on-one environment.

Adapting our approach to best suit your child’s individual circumstances is what we’re all about! Modifying their teaching methods according to your child’s learning style is one of the most fundamental strategies your Tutor will apply to overcome your son or daughters learning barriers. Whether it’s Maths, English or any other school related topic; once your child finds it easier to understand they will gain new confidence and an improved attitude towards that topic. When the way they think about, feel towards and understand the subject improves, their grades and academic success is sure to follow.


Discover the 3 most important skills that young learner will need to thrive throughout the next industrial revolution. A must watch for every student, teacher and parent!

More and more people are starting to realise that the current school system is failing to prepare young graduates with the skills they really need to be successful in an ever changing world. Cheap outsourcing, automation and robotics is creating a shift in the workplace, making it more competitive than ever before. On top of that we are seeing record rates of mental illness (such as anxiety and depression) afflicting more and more young people during their schooling years. In this presentation, you will learn what the 3 most important cognitive skills which students should be learning in order to not only grow up with good mental health, but the skills they will need to be successful as the world continues to change. This presentation explains our mission to change the way the that leaders, educators and parents think about learning so as to equip our next generation with the strengths they will need to survive, to thrive and to ultimately - change the world.