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Private Home Tutoring Melbourne

At Top of the Class, we work together with your tutor, your child, your school and yourself to form a network of support to make sure that your child gets the best from their learning.

Learning secrets revealed!


Top of the Class Professional Tuition is a proud member of the Australian Tutoring Association (ATA).



By assessing your child’s learning styles, strengths and personal interests; we develop a personal tutoring Badger Creek program to start building confidence and conquering weaknesses.



Our number one goal is to provide you with the support, resources and know-how you've always wanted, so that now you will be empowered to have positive influence over your child's academic future!



If you suspected that one-on-one coaching is the most effective form of personal tuition; you were right! To minimize distractions and maximise convenience, your private tutoring Badger Creek expert will come to your home for one-on-one "learning time" whenever suits your busy schedule.



One of the biggest frustrations a young learner faces is when their school work feels "too hard." Our expert home tutors Badger Creek are trained to use communication strategies designed to help your child make sense of their school work so that it becomes easy to understand.



Some children learn best by using "hands-on" models and practical approaches. Others learn better through pictures, diagrams, numbers or words. What is your child's strongest learning style?



Imagine how much more autonomously your child will approach their school work once they gain confidence towards it. Your private will use confidence building strategies as a powerful motivational tool so that your child will not only perform better at school, they'll love doing it!



A young leaner's mind will function more effectively when it is engaged in learning. Engaged learning is our area of specialty, and is the key to improving attitudes towards school work. What stimulates your child's interest the most?



Your tutor will emphasise the importance of developing Higher Order Thinking Skills to deepen your child's understanding of everything they learn about.



Mathematics is about more than just numeracy; it is about using logic and sequential processes to solve problems. We offer Maths tuition Badger Creek wide as well as surrounding suburbs.



English tuition Badger Creek is about more than just literacy; it's about communication and using words to build, demonstrate and transfer understanding.



Primary school forms the foundation upon which our children's secondary and tertiary education will stand.

Practical tips on how you can prepare your child for their new tutor. Know More

Home Tutoring Badger Creek - Welcome to Top of the Class Professional Tuition Badger Creek Vic



If you live in Badger Creek and you’ve been searching for a private tutor to bring out the true potential for success that you know your son or daughter has deep within them, you have most definitely come to the right place! Congratulations on being among the growing number of parents who understand the incredible value that one-on-one private tuition will provide to secure your child's future.

Because your search for Home Tutoring Badger Creek has lead you here, you can rest assure that your child's future is now in the very best of hands. Now, as you can start to see your child's future looking brighter than ever, we hope that our passion for their learning will make you feel excited like it does us.

In addition to having full access to the expertise of our Top of the Class parent-support services, we'll provide you with professional one-to-one home tutoring for as many of your child's school subjects as you want. Best of all, our specialist private tutors can come right to your own home in Badger Creek for one-on-one, undisrupted “learning time” with your son or daughter as the centre of focus.

Now that you're here, you might as well relax, put your feet up and enjoy your stay! From the comfort of your home in Badger Creek feel free to have a browse around our comprehensive website and explore the helpful, insightful and exciting information we've prepared here - specifically for knowledge-seeking parents just like you. Even parents (and teachers) not looking for Badger Creek Tutors have told us that they keep coming back here for our websites unique resources and wealth of information.

In addition to our inspirational videos and informative articles, we've outlined a step-by-step description below for you to learn exactly how we go about bringing out our student's inner talents to help them overcome their hurdles and achieve their full potential.


One-On-One: Your Child Is Our Centre Of Focus

Your child has their own individual needs. We work with you, your child and your child's teachers to ensure that those needs are met and that your expectations are exceeded. Our one-on-one tuition approach places your son or daughter at the centre of their own private tuition program, with you as chief advisor. By placing your child at the centre of our structured support program, it allows your private school tutor to:

  • Communicate with your child's teacher(s) to structure private tuition specific to their class work.
  • Tailor their personal tutoring methods around your child's individual learning styles.
  • Construct deeper understanding of school topics by building on existing knowledge.
  • Develop academic coaching strategies to utilize and maximise your child's personal strengths.
  • Include resources and activities to engage your child's own personal interests.
  • Plan achievable goals according to your child's own level of scholastic confidence.
  • Gradually uncover and expand on your child's full potential for excellence.

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    The Emotional Aspects of Learning

    Private tutoring should be more than just 'teaching'. Good private tutors provide teaching, as well as personal coaching, mentoring, motivation and inspiration. A parent understands that the way their child feels towards something will govern how they think about it, and therefore what they do about it. We understand how crucial these factors are when it comes to school work and learning activities. This is why your private tutor will focus on the emotional aspects of your child's learning, described below:

    home tutoringStrengths: Your child's Badger Creek private tutor will identify his or her personal strengths and learning styles to overcome barriers of fear whilst developing and capitalising on new strengths. Know More...

    home tutoringPassion: Your child's Badger Creek personal tutor will identify his or her interests to make learning more personally relevant, more engaging and more fun. Know More...

    home tutoringConfidence: Your child's Badger Creek home tutor will use strategic goal setting techniques to direct his or her focus on their progress whilst gradually building confidence towards areas they were previously struggling with. Know More...

    home tutoringAutonomy: Your child's Badger Creek tutor will teach him or her how to use reflective practice skills to learn from mistakes more efficiently whilst conditioning an 'auto correction' pattern to learn more autonomously. Know More...


    The Advatantages of "In Home Tutoring Badger Creek"

    In home coaching Badger Creek is not only the most convenient form of private tuition, but allows greater communication between tutors and parents. The home is a familiar, comfortable learning environment for after school tuition. At home tuition Badger Creek therefore eliminates the stress and distractions associated with class room environments, including after-school tuition centres. Know More...


    Home Tutoring Assessment: Personal Tuition Badger Creek

    When you contact us, we'll have a chat about your child's circumstances (year level, subjects etc), we'll talk about your goals for them and any concerns you'd like us to address. We will then use this information to match you up with the best Badger Creek tutor in your area, who will come out to your home and provide you with an obligation-free private tutoring assessment at a time that suits you. If you'd prefer not to continue with tutoring after that point, then there's no obligation to do anything else. Worst case scenario; you'll gain valuable insight about your child's potential, their strengths and strategies to overcome weaknesses. Best case scenario; you will change the path they travel for the rest of their life. Know More...


    Empowering Parents

    We believe that a child's best chance in life is having well informed parents, empowered with the know-how to make a difference and guide them in the best possible direction. You will receive total access to a wealth of resources and a full network of support which includes:

    • Regular written reports about your child's progress at the end of each term.

    Access to free advice from our office support staff.

    Basically, if you've ever felt frustrated or powerless towards your child's scholastic journey; rest assure that you'll never have to feel that way again! Know More...

    A Team Approach: More Than Just Private Tutors Badger Creek

    You're about to have your own private network of support to help you and your child to achieve their academic goals. Your private tutor Badger Creek will work directly with your child's school teacher(s) as well. This is important to ensure that your child's home tutoring content follows the classroom curriculum and stays directly relevant to your child's school work. Know More...


    Which Are The Most Important Skills?

    Learning is about much more than just remembering information. Our professional home tutor Badger Creek experts focus on the most important skills your child will need for a strong academic future. Your child's private tutor will focus heavily on literacy skills and other competencies they'll need to achieve the highest possible assessment scores. These include exam taking strategies, essay writing techniques, report writing skills and especially Higher Order Thinking. Most importantly, they'll do so in a way that's personally tailored to your child’s level of schooling. Know More...

    What Are Higher Order Thinking Skills?

    Our expert private tutors are also trained to develop your child’s Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) for a very good reason. Why are these skills so important? Because they are the specific cognitive abilities that Educational Psychologists have identified as the benchmarks of academic achievement and intellectual success. Higher Order Thinking Skills are examined by school assessors (especially at VCE level) to differentiate high achievers from the rest. Why? Because in the professional word; these thinking skills determine the difference between those who follow, and those who are followed. Know More...

    Communication - The Key To Making Sense

    Your child's personal tutor Badger Creek will apply constructivist teaching techniques to ensure that information is communicated in a way that is easily understood. Constructivism allows new information to make sense easily by building gradually on the learners existing knowledge. When your child is able to make better sense of what they are learning, they will not only learn faster but feel more confident and more 'connected' with what they are learning about. Know More...

    Maths Tutoring Badger Creek

    Are you looking to find a maths tutor Badger Creek? Mathematics tuition is one of the most popular subjects we specialise in. Our home maths tutors Badger Creek cover maths tuition at all school levels, from primary school numeracy skills through to high school and VCE tutoring in all maths subjects.

    English Tutoring Badger Creek, Badger Creek

    Are you looking to find an English tutor Badger Creek? English tuition is another one of the most popular subjects that our home tutors specialise in. Our at home English tutors Badger Creek cover English tuition at all school levels, from primary school literacy skills through to high school and VCE tutoring in all English subjects.

    Primary School Tuition Badger Creek and VCE Tuition Badger Creek

    We provide high school tutoring Badger Creek in a range of secondary school subjects including the Victorian Certificate of Education. In fact, VCE tutoring is an area that many of our Badger Creek home tutors specialise in. Some of the most common VCE level subjects include the science subjects (Physics tuition, Chemistry tuition and Biology tuition) as well as Human Society and It's Environment subjects (HSIE) which include History Tutoring, Geography Tutoring, Economics Tutoring, Business Studies Tutoring, Legal Studies Tutoring and Commerce Tutoring.

    We also offer primary school tutoring Badger Creek at all grades and levels. Our primary school tutor programs focus heavily on literacy and numeracy skills. Our primary school tutors provide primary school tutoring to all stages, from Kindergarten through to year 7. They can provide special school coaching in preparation for the selective schools test and give advice about which selective high school may be most suitable for children in the Badger Creek area who are planning on sitting the selective school exam. Our primary school tutors can also provide OC test coaching for students wishing to sit the opportunity class test (OC test) as well.


    English Tutoring Melbourne
    Cognition: How we think affects what we learn.


    Your child's home tutor will identify their strongest 'intelligences', establish their individual learning styles and adjust their teaching methods for the best results!

    know more...


    Your child's personal tutor will use constructivist teaching methods to build new understanding step by step so that your child builds new knowledge with ease.

    know more...


    Your child's private tutor will explore new concepts progressively deeper and expand their understanding by developing higher order thinking skills.

    know more...


    Your child's private home tutor will focus heavily on boosting their assessment scores by improving their exam taking and assignment competencies, as well as IT and literacy skills.

    know more...

    Maths Tutoring Melbourne
    Emotion: What we feel affects how we learn.


    Weaknesses are only those things which have yet to be strengthened. Your personal tutor will strategically discover and develop your child's strengths to overcome weakness.

    know more...


    To overcome the boredom barrier, your private home tutor will strategically appeal to your child's interests to make learning more engaging and personally relevant.

    know more...


    Through strategic goal setting and a strong focus on progress, expect to see your child's attitude shine and their motivation drive full steam ahead!

    know more...


    Reflective practice is an effective tool used to power efficient learning. Learning from ones mistakes however requires strategic conditioning and adaptation.

    know more...

    Your decision to hire one of our personal tutors Badger Creek will secure your child’s future in an ever increasingly competitive world, where the bottleneck of success is always tightening. Know More...

    Engaging students in learning with ease - 10 Mental Tricks used by our Home Tutoring Badger Creek Experts! Know More...

    Whether or not our children succeed with their schooling depends largely on emotional conditioning factors which affect feelings, thoughts and behaviour. We will show you how negative cycles begin and how to go about reversing them through tutoring, to create new confidence and passion towards learning! Know More...

    By the time parents come to us, their child may have been struggling with confidence, leaving parents feeling fustrated and helpless. To make sure you get the best from your child's tuition, it's important to know how to prepare them for a new private tutor, and how to avoid the most common mistakes. Know More...

    Knowing what to look for when organising personal tutoring Badger Creek can be confusing. If we have no home tutors available when you contact us, the following article will help guide you when looking elsewhere. Know More...

    Having problems with your child's teacher or principal? Does it ever feel as though your child is just another number in the system? Want to know how to get what you want from your childs school? Know More...

    Successful learning is determined by a child's desire to learn more than it is by their ability to learn. Learn what the most important force behind the desire to learn is. Know More...

    Not sure which school is best to send your child to? There is one easy way to find out, and it might not be what you thought. Know More...

    Preparation forms the foundation of delivering successful outcomes with confidence. Whilst all good teachers know about the importance of preparing goals and good lesson plans; great teachers know that the most important part of a teacher's preparation is preparing a positive state of mind. Know More...