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Private Home Tutoring Sydney

At Top of the Class, we work together with your tutor, your child, your school and yourself to form a network of support to make sure that your child gets the best from their learning.

Learning secrets revealed!


Top of the Class Professional Tuition is a proud member of the Australian Tutoring Association (ATA).



By assessing your child’s learning styles, strengths and personal interests; we develop a personal tutoring Melbourne program to start building confidence and conquering weaknesses.



Our number one goal is to provide you with the support, resources and know-how you've always wanted, so that now you will be empowered to have positive influence over your child's academic future!



If you suspected that one-on-one coaching is the most effective form of personal tuition; you were right! To minimize distractions and maximise convenience, your private tutoring Melbourne expert will come to your home for one-on-one "learning time" whenever suits your busy schedule.



One of the biggest frustrations a young learner faces is when their school work feels "too hard." Our expert home tutors Melbourne are trained to use communication strategies designed to help your child make sense of their school work so that it becomes easy to understand.



Some children learn best by using "hands-on" models and practical approaches. Others learn better through pictures, diagrams, numbers or words. What is your child's strongest learning style?



Imagine how much more autonomously your child will approach their school work once they gain confidence towards it. Your private coach Melbourne will use confidence building strategies as a powerful motivational tool so that your child will not only perform better at school, they'll love doing it!



A young leaner's mind will function more effectively when it is engaged in learning. Engaged learning is our area of specialty, and is the key to improving attitudes towards school work. What stimulates your child's interest the most?



Your tutor will emphasise the importance of developing Higher Order Thinking Skills to deepen your child's understanding of everything they learn about.



Mathematics is about more than just numeracy; it is about using logic and sequential processes to solve problems. We offer Maths tuition Melbourne wide as well as surrounding suburbs.



English tuition Melbourne is about more than just literacy; it's about communication and using words to build, demonstrate and transfer understanding.



Primary school forms the foundation upon which our children's secondary and tertiary education will stand.

Practical tips on how you can prepare your child for their new tutor. Know More

Welcome to Top of the Class Home Tutoring Melbourne



If you're in Melbourne searching for a private tutor to come to your home to help your child bring out their best, then you've arrived at the right place! As more and more parents are starting to realise the important role that education plays in securing our children's future, the incredible value of one-on-one private tuition Melbourne becomes more obvious.

Because your search for Home Tutoring Melbourne has brought you to this page, now you can feel rest assured that your son or daughters future is in the best hands! As you begin to imagine how much more their new achievements will bring out their best, prepare to feel inspired by the short video we have prepared below that outlines how we feel about your child's future.

Our clients receive full access to our expert parent-support resources in addition to your very own private tutor that will come to your home anywhere in Melbourne for one-to-one learning support for your son or daughter. We provide one-on-one private tutoring Melbourne wide, so contact us to find out about the Melbourne home tutors we have available in your area.

Now that you're here, you might as well relax, put your feet up and enjoy your stay! From the comfort of your home in Melbourne feel free to have a browse around our comprehensive website and explore the helpful, insightful and exciting information we've prepared here - specifically for knowledge-seeking parents just like you. Even parents (and teachers) not looking for Melbourne Tutors have told us that they keep coming back here for our websites unique resources and wealth of information.

Before you do however, you might as well relax and take your time to enjoy the great resources we have here on this website, designed specifically for parents just like you who want more than anything, to secure a happy, safe and successful future for their children. If this describes you, then feel free to enjoy the many articles, videos and helpful resources we have here. You might even want to bookmark this page and come back over and over, or share with your friends as well.



One-On-One: Your Child Is Our Centre Of Our Focus

Our home tutor will work with your child, yourself and even your child's school teacher to provide the best possible network of education support to help bring out their best. The one-on-one home tuition Melbourne tutors approach gives your child their own private tuition program that you can help to steer in whichever direction you know your child needs the most support with. Some of the many benefits that you will receive include the following:

  • Write back and forth to your child's school teacher to keep in line with the class curriculum.
  • Adjust their personal tutoring approach depending on your child's learning style.
  • Deepen your child's understanding by building strategically on existing knowledge.
  • Develop academic coaching strategies to make the best use of your child's strengths.
  • Use teaching resources and activities that engage your child's personal interests.
  • Make use of goal setting strategies to build your child's confidence and ability to learn autonomously.
  • Gradually uncover and expand on your child's full potential to achieve academic excellence!

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    The Emotional Impact on Learning

    Private tutoring is about more than teaching. Good private tutors Melbourne teach more than just knowledge, but instead provide personal coaching, mentoring, inspiration and motivation. A good private tutor therefore is more than just a teacher - they're a coach and a role model. A good private tutor should be someone that your child really feels connected with. Someone that they look up to. Someone who they want to be proud of them. This is why your child’s home tutor will focus heavily on doing more than just building knowledge and skills. They will also focus on building personal strength, a passion for learning, confidence in tackling new tasks and the ability to learn autonomously.

    home tutoringStrengths: Your child's Melbourne private tutor will figure out what yout child's personal learning strengths and weaknesses are, and use their strengths to overcome their weaknesses. Learn More...

    home tutoringPassion: Your child's Melbourne personal tutor will find out what topics yourt child feels interested in and mould their learning around topics that develop their passion for learning and exploring new concepts. Learn More...

    home tutoringConfidence: Your child's Melbourne home tutor will use strategic goal setting strategies to direct your childs attention towards their progress which creates momentum and drive to continue achieving at a higher level. Learn More...

    home tutoringAutonomy: Your child's Melbourne tutor will teach your child in a way that will condition them to want to show more initiative and take ownership of their learning to feel empowered to learn on their own. Learn More...


    The Benefits of In Home Tutoring Melbourne

    In home coaching Melbourne is by far the most conveient way to provide private tuition to your child because you don't need to travel anywhere. We know that children learn more effectively when in a comfortable, familiar and low pressure environment, making their own home the most effective learning environment, free from stress, distractions and the pressure to compete with other students in the class. Learn More...


    Your First Home Tutoring Assessment: Personal Tuition Melbourne

    After you contact us, we will talk to you to find out some info about your child's situation such as what year they're in at school, what subjects they need support with and what areas and goals you'd like us to work on with them the most. We will then let you know what we think the best Melbourne tutor we have available in your area is to suit your child's needs and unique situation. We will then arrange a time that suits you for your new tutor to come out to your home to assess your child's needs, evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and determine the best strategies to enable them to reach their true potential. Learn More...


    Empowering Parents

    Have you ever felt powerless over your child's academic future? Many parents feel that they have to trust their child's school to look after them, and often feel left out of the loop if they are not taken seriously, not understood or just made to feel that they are another number with no special significance. Our approach however to is enable you to play a more active role and know exactly what is going on with your child's progress every step of the way. To do this, you'll receive:

    • Regular written reports that outline your child's personal progress at the commencement of each term.

    Access to free advice from our office support staff between office hours.

    A Team Approach To Tuition: More Than Just Private Tutors Melbourne

    Our experience has shown us that the best approach to learning is a team approach. That's why your private tutor Melbourne will communicate directly with your son or daughters teacher at school. This is so effective because it provides your tutor with insight as to what is going on inside the classroom, so that they can keep on track with the specific classroom curriculum. Learn More...


    The Most Important Skills To Master

    Good learning requires more than just retaining and memorising information. Our trained home tutor Melbourne experts will focus on developing the cognitive skills your child will need to learn how to analyse information with speed and accuracy, evaluate information to make good decisions, and stimulate creative thinking to develop their own unique ideas. These abilities are referred to as Higher Order Thinking Skills, and form the basis of the abilities that differentiate those who go on to achieve success after the VCE, and those who go on to work for those who achieve success Learn More...

    Your child's personal tutor will also focus very heavily on improving your child's literacy skills and ability to complete assessment tasks with efficiency and effectiveness so that their marks reflect their true abilities. This is important because many students understand the information but lack the ability to communicate it effectively in an assignment or under exam situations, which in turn lets them down unnecessarily Learn More...

    Constructivist Communication - It's All About Making Sense

    Your personal tutor Melbourne will use constructivist learning strategies to make sure that the materials your child is trying to learn ends up being received well and makes clear sense. The idea of constructivist learning is centred around the concept that we can only make sense of new information by basing it on something we already understand. This becomes like building a brick wall - if you try to build the top layer before the bottom layers are secured, it simply fails to stand up straight. Likewise, the same is true when learning new information, developing new skills and maintaining self-confidence. Know More...

    Maths Tutoring Melbourne

    You might be looking for a home tutor to help your child in all areas of school work, or you may just be looking specifically for a maths tutor Melbourne. Mathematics tuition is actually one of the most popular subject areas that our personal tutors specialise in. Our home maths tutors Melbourne focus on maths tuition at all school stages of the syllabus, from primary school numeracy abilities all the way through to high school and VCE tutoring Melbourne as well.

    English Tutoring Melbourne, Melbourne

    If maths is not the area your child needs the most support with, then perhaps you're on the lookout for an an English tutor Melbourne. In addition to Maths Tutoring, English tuition is the other subject that most students need good quality support with. We provide home English tutors Melbourne who cover English tuition at all the different levels of schooling from primary school literacy abilities through to high school and even VCE Tuition Melbourne.

    Primary School Tuition Melbourne and VCE Tuition Melbourne

    If you're looking for high school tutoring Melbourne, we provide assistance with a range of secondary school subjects included in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE). VCE tutoring is actually one of the most common requests we receive. Some of the most common VCE level subjects that our Melbourne home tutors specialise in include the science units such as Physics tuition, Chemistry tuition and Biology tuition. Less popular subjects include Human Society and It's Environment units (HSIE) such as History Tutoring Melbourne, Geography Tutors Melbourne, Economics Tuition Melbourne, Business Studies Tutor Melbourne, Legal Studies Tutoring Melbourne and Commerce Coaching Melbourne.

    If you're looking for primary school tutoring Melbourne, we also provide primary tuition for all school ages and grade levels. The most common requests include literacy and numeracy skills, as well as coaching for specific testing and assessments as well. For example, if your child is a high achiever and planning on attending a high school that requires selective entry, you might be looking for a tutor to help your child prepare for the selective schools test. We also provide home tutors that can cater for special needs including students who have ADD/ADHD, Asperger’s and Autism Spectrum Disorders, as well as Dyslexia or other disabilities that can impair a student’s ability to learn effectively in a class environment.


    English Tutoring Sydney
    Cognition: How we think affects what we learn.


    Your child's Melbourne home tutor will identify the style of learning that your child is strongest in, and adjust the way they tutor them accordingly.

    LEARN more...


    Your child's personal tutor Melbourne will apply a constructivist approach to teaching so that what they teach makes perfect sense and feels easy to understand.

    LEARN more...


    Your child's private tutor will explore new concepts progressively deeper and expand their understanding by developing higher order thinking skills.

    know more...


    Your child's private home tutor Melbourne will teach your child the skills they need to not only learn effectively, but demonstrate their understanding during assessment tasks

    know more...

    Maths Tutoring Sydney
    Emotion: What we feel affects how we learn.


    Your child's Melbourne personal tutor will make use of your child's learning strengths to help them overcome any weaknesses that are holding them back.

    know more...


    We learn most effectively when we have personal relevance or interest in what we're learning. Doing this helps to create a passion for learning new information.

    know more...


    The biggest barrier to academic success is not just understanding but fear of failure and uncertainty. Creating self-confidence therefore makes all the difference.

    know more...


    The most effective tutoring methods train the student to learn on their own and show the initiative to take ownership of their learning so it makes them feel empowered.

    know more...

    Deciding to get a personal tutor Melbourne will make sure that your child has the best possible chance to excel at school and secure a successful future in tomorrow’s competitive world. Know More...

    Here are the top 10 tricks you can use when trying to engage an audience in the learning process whilst to teaching them new concepts. Know More...

    The difference between successful learners and non-successful learners is often governed by confident and motivated they feel towards the learning process. Know More...

    The extent to how effective your child's personal tuition is very much depends on how well you can prepare their receptiveness and enthusiasm. Here are some practical tips to help them get the most from their private tutoring. Know More...

    Just in case all our Melbourne Tutors are booked out when you contact us, if you'd like to know what to look for when shopping elsewhere, the following will help to point you in the right direction. Know More...

    If you're worried that your child may be being disadvantaged in class and you feel that their teacher is not taking your concerns seriously, then this is what you can do: Know More...

    If there was just one personal strength that we can develop in our children that will ensure that they take in more learning at school, then surely this is it: Know More...

    If you find yourself in the position of needing to decide which school to send your child to and you're not sure what to look for when making the decision, this will point you in the right direction: Know More...

    We all know that preparation plays a large part in determining success, but the most important part of a teacher’s preparation is to prepare for the right state of mind to ensure that students feel confidence, motivated and certain of themselves. This article is based on a snippet from the tutor training course that all our tutors go through. Know More...