Thank you! You'll be hearing from one of our TOTC Tutors here at HQ shortly. If you prefer a faster response, call us or just SMS your name to 0480 022 314 so we'll know to prioritize you in the queue. In the mean time whilst you're waiting for us to get back to you, see what other TOTC families have to say about us:

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The price varies depending on the tutor, so once you provide us with your details, we'll send you a quote ASAP. The quote will be a link to the tutors profile which contains a photo, background information about them, available times and the hourly fees for that tutor. The variations in price are influenced by thigns like qualifications, experience, skills, attitude, peronality, location and even time of year. We pay our tutors more than any of our competitors, to make sure we attract and incentivise the best tutors. Certain areas tend to have a very high demand for reliable tutors whilst having a very low supply - especially during the busier times of year. So if we find someone we know will be the rose among thorns that families in the area would join a waiting list for, we make sure we grab them first, pay them more, provide them with better training, better support and better standards to ensure we have a team of better tutors. As a general rule, the fees would be on par with other home tutoring agencies, or maybe up to about 10% more give or take, depending on how much extra we pay that particualr tutor (which depends on how valuable that tutor is).

Our payment system was designed to be the most simple and easy among any other home tutoring option. Each Sunday afternoon you'll be emailed an invoice for last weeks lesson(s). We then bill your credit card the following day on Monday morning, and email you a receipt of payment. The lessons are billed in arrears so there's no up front payment. If the lesson is not attended, you will not be charged. That way you can start, stop or change any time that suits you, without being locked into any contracts.

We need to collect your credit card details to hold the first lesson, however if you decide not to continue after the first lesson, we'll pay the tutors wage from our own pocket and not charge you any thing. That way, you have no risk to take by giving the first lesson a go so that your child can meet our TOTC tutor in person to make it easier for you to decide if you'd like to continue.

No - you can start, stop or change any time.

Tutors vary in their age, qualifications, experience and skills. Some of our tutors are school teachers, some are university professors, some are studying teaching, some are high achievers in a range of areas. Regardless of their experience,

1. BETTER TUTORS: We provide our tutors with higher pay and better support, whilst having the strictest slection standards. Regardless of the tutors background, we don't bring a new tutor on board until after we meet them in person and ensure they have the right attitude and a contagiou enthusiasm. If they don't meet our standards, they might end up working for another tutoring agency. And if they don't cut it there, you might find them advertsing themselves for cash in hand on Gumtree or or similar sites.

2. BEHIND THE SCENES SUPPORT: All the office staff who work behind the scenes at our Head Quarters are experienced TOTC tutors themselves (not just admin workers). You can call, SMS or live chat any time until 7pm on weekdays, and can generally get a more efficient and more professional response than you would with other home tutoring companies.

3. MORE CONVENIENT PAYMENT SYSTEM: You don't have to worry about scrounging around for cash or remembering to pay overdue bills - we simply debit your credit card in arrears automatically after a lesson is attended. If the lesson is not attended, you are not charged.

Top of the Class was founded by Stuart Adams, a Qualified Teacher, Careers Advisor and Psychotherapist. Along with his partner and HR Manager Melody Blackburn, the two combined their intuitive people skills to hand pick the most dedicated home tutors to come and work behind the scenes at the companies Head Quarters (HQ). The most influential tutor and all-round remarkable woman to capture their attention, was Pamela Buchan - a Qualified School Teacher (K-12) who has since been appointed the companies Principal Tutor. Pamela's remarkable resiliance and dedication 'rubbed off' to create the passionate energy the companies culture maintains to this day. Pamela leads a team of admin support staff who are all TOTC tutors themselves, including Anne, Maheshi, Maurya, Samudra & Hrishikesh.So no matter who you speak to when you call us here at HQ, you'll be well taken care of with professional expertise and assurrance that you've called the right place. If you manage to have a better experience with a home tutoring company anywhere else - please let us know. So far no one has, because we strive to ensure the best home tutoring experience, second to none.


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