A Team Approach is the Best Approach

At Top of the Class Professional Tuition, we believe that people achieve greater goals when they work together as a team. Our goal is to provide you with the network of support needed to help your child achieve their academic goals. There are 5 players in this team. They are as follows:

1. Parents

No one knows your child as well as you do, and no one else is better suited to guide their direction in life than what you are. Your tutor will provide you with constant feedback about your child’s progress and continuously seek your feedback to assist them with formulating strategies.

2. Students

Being constructivist teachers, we believe that a student learns best when they have control over their own learning. Your tutor will provide your child with choices at each step along the way, and ensure that their learning is structured in a way that your child enjoys and feels comfortable about.

3. Tutors

Your tutor is your families own private expert and is flexible to help you in whatever ways you require. Regardless of their background or qualifications, we hand select tutors based on their proven ability to communicate effectively and build confidence in young people. All our tutors are trained by our agency in our teaching philosophies and coaching techniques.

4. Agency

Most tutoring agencies simply hook you up with a tutor, collect the enrolment fees and play no other role. At Top of the Class Professional Tuition, we have an ongoing relationship with our families by providing constant support and ongoing access to our parent resources. You will have access to our parent helpline, our online forums as well as regular email newsletters which contain a wealth of information and advice.

5. The School

Your child’s school is already playing a fundamental part in your son or daughters education and we should not forget that their school teachers are extremely valuable assets in your child’s education. Our belief is that the best tuition is done in conjunction with the education your school is already providing. We will be in regular communication with your child’s school teachers to ensure that your tutor is following their class curriculum. Moreover, many school teachers are well aware of their students’ needs which cannot reasonably be attended to in class. Many teachers are therefore delighted to find that one of their students is receiving extra help outside of the classroom, and are only too happy to advise tutors on how keep close to the path their class is heading.


Discover the 3 most important skills that young learner will need to thrive throughout the next industrial revolution. A must watch for every student, teacher and parent!

More and more people are starting to realise that the current school system is failing to prepare young graduates with the skills they really need to be successful in an ever changing world. Cheap outsourcing, automation and robotics is creating a shift in the workplace, making it more competitive than ever before. On top of that we are seeing record rates of mental illness (such as anxiety and depression) afflicting more and more young people during their schooling years. In this presentation, you will learn what the 3 most important cognitive skills which students should be learning in order to not only grow up with good mental health, but the skills they will need to be successful as the world continues to change. This presentation explains our mission to change the way the that leaders, educators and parents think about learning so as to equip our next generation with the strengths they will need to survive, to thrive and to ultimately - change the world.