Your child's private tutor will identify their strongest 'intelligences', establish their individual learning styles and adjust their teaching methods for the best results!


Your child's private tutor will use constructivist teaching methods to build new understanding step by step so that your child builds new knowledge with ease.


Your child's private tutor will explore new concepts progressively deeper and expand their understanding by developing higher order thinking skills.


Your TOTC home tutor will focus heavily on boosting their assessment scores by improving their time management skills and prepare for exams.



Your personal tutor will assess and identify your child’s strengths, then strategically utilise them to overcome any weaknesses holding them back.


To overcome the boredom barrier, your private home tutor will appeal to your child's interests to make learning more engaging and personally relevant.


Through strategic goal setting and a strong focus on progress, expect to see your child's attitude shine and their motivation drive full steam ahead!


Reflective practice is an effective tool used to power efficient learning. Learning from ones mistakes however requires strategic conditioning and adaptation.


Discover the 3 most important skills that young learner will need to thrive throughout the next industrial revolution. A must watch for every student, teacher and parent!

More and more people are starting to realise that the current school system is failing to prepare young graduates with the skills they really need to be successful in an ever changing world. Cheap outsourcing, automation and robotics is creating a shift in the workplace, making it more competitive than ever before. On top of that we are seeing record rates of mental illness (such as anxiety and depression) afflicting more and more young people during their schooling years. In this presentation, you will learn what the 3 most important cognitive skills which students should be learning in order to not only grow up with good mental health, but the skills they will need to be successful as the world continues to change. This presentation explains our mission to change the way the that leaders, educators and parents think about learning so as to equip our next generation with the strengths they will need to survive, to thrive and to ultimately - change the world.